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Electrical installation in the building is not only properly arranged cables and connected receivers, but above all the electrical switchboard, which is the most important element of the entire system. It is thanks to the switchboard that the entire system can be safely operated. In addition, the switchboard during a failure or short-circuit protects devices connected to the installation and people in the building.

Switchboard assembly and comprehensive service guaranteed

Proper switchboard assembly has a key impact on the proper functioning of the entire electrical installation and trouble-free power supply to all receivers in a given building. In our work, we focus not only on ensuring that the switchboard installation ensures trouble-free operation and that the entire system does not generate unnecessary costs, but we also offer comprehensive service of the entire electrical installation. Thanks to this solution, our customer can be sure that at every stage of assembly (connections, checking, service) we take care of the smallest detail to ensure the highest quality of services.

Switchboard assembly – services tailored to your needs

Switchboard assembly is a complex task that requires specialist knowledge and experience. When connecting the most important element of the entire electrical installation, you cannot afford the slightest mistake. We analyze each order individually to be able to offer the best solution. Each company has different requirements, capabilities and needs a fully tailored project approach. Properly arranged modules are a full guarantee of protecting the electrical installation against short circuits, overloads and overvoltage. It is also the correct measurement, control or electrical isolation.

Switchboard assembly by Eryk – experience and professionalism!

The task of the electrical switchboard is to distribute electric current to individual circuits that are part of the entire electrical installation. Our many years of experience and qualified technical staff allow us to provide services at the highest level to meet the needs and expectations of the most demanding customers. Thanks to our attention to details, we can provide professional, trouble-free and safe-to-use electric power switchboards assembly. Bet on professionalism and choose proven solutions. In our offer you will find all the necessary information. If you are interested in a switchboard assembly and other electrical works, such as cable pulling, we are the best technical partner for you.

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