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    What is the Whistleblower system for?

    What is the Whistleblower system for?

    If you have observed any behavior at work or related to work, which you find or suspect to be unfair, discriminative, illegal or criminal in nature, you can send an anonymous message which will be delivered to the top management of Eryk. It is not only intended for our employees, customers, suppliers or other stakeholders, but also for third persons. No registration is necessary. Anyone who thinks that their report could contain important or useful information for Eryk is welcome to send it to us.

    What happens when I use the Whistleblower system?

    All information received this way will be kept confidential during the entire time of investigation and also later. The connection between your computer and the server is SSL encrypted (https protocol and a padlock icon next to the address of the web page) and neither the administrator of the website, the owner of the website server nor any third persons will have any access to the messages submitted or the data allowing for the identification of the sender. The messages are not stored on the server either. It is possible to upload .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .pdf files smaller than 3 MB.

    The messages will be delivered anonymously and directly to top management who will investigate and take action if necessary. Some issues will be discussed during the Management Forum meetings.
    Because of its anonymity, we will have no way of responding to you, unless you choose to leave contact information – this is up to you.

    What is the Whistleblower not for?

    You should not raise HR issues (job applications, salary, performance, vacation) through the Whistleblower system. These questions should be sent directly to our HR Department.

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    If you have any suggestions for improvement in the company, we encourage you to use direct email to the relevant contact persons.

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