Sebastian Gierla

Meet Sebastian – Electrician at Eryk, one of the graduates of our Apprenticeship Program.

Sebastian joined our team in January 2022. He cooperates well with his coaches, managers and other team members on many projects, with an open mind.

“Sebastian’s patience and dedication to the job and constant improving of his skills is a testimony to us that he is on the right path to building a wonderful career in Eryk.” – said Hamza Jatto, Manager of Apprenticeship Project.

We asked Sebastian a couple of questions:

  • Which project was the most interesting for you so far and why?

“Every project was interesting to me, but If I need to choose – it was working for a global wind industry company – Enabl and for one of Europe’s leading intralogistics companies- PSB. The project for Enabl was highly developmental for the young people in Eryk’s team. The work consisted of assembling switchboards according to the documentation provided by customer. I learned a lot there about how devices work, how they are created and what tasks each component has.

The project for PSB was also very interesting for me because of the diversity of the work performed. I developed knowledge in the field of automation, but also things I had not dealt with before, such as: addressing components, cooperation with automation and some mechanical work.”

  • What skills or knowledge have you gained at Eryk? Did you have time to do any additional courses or are you planning them in the near future?

“I gained knowledge in the field of installation of electrical installations and devices, reading diagrams and electrical documentation. Also in the field of automation and how it works. Thanks to the diversity of projects, Eryk is an ideal place to gain knowledge and experience the broad field of electrical installation services. Projects in different locations provide the opportunity to visit various corners of the world.

So far, I have managed to complete SEP course. I would also like to  expand my qualifications in UDT in the future and further develop my current English language skills.”

  • Which countries have you visited so far? Which one is your favorite and why?

“So far I have been on projects in Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. My favorite countries from the above are Denmark and the Netherlands. Danish lowland landscape, maritime climate, peace and quiet. Danes are very nice and tolerant, contributing to a consistently friendly atmosphere at work and beyond.

The Netherlands is a beautiful country, adorned with artificial canals and offering great places for walking and cycling. Essentially, you can find something interesting everywhere, and that’s what sets it apart from the rest.”

  • Do you have some time for your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

“I am interested in motoring and car detailing. In my free time I like to ‘fiddle’ with cars and bring them to perfect condition 😀 I also enjoy taking photos and recording short videos with a drone.”

Sebastian, we are happy to have you in our team! Good luck with the next projects! 😊

More information about Apprenticeship Program – click here.

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