Ferdynand Kwiatkowski

I work for Eryk as a mechanic and an electrician. I’m also a team leader. I came to work at Eryk five years ago from another company, together with a group of people – That time is was BIC. It offered better working conditions back then.

I perform mechanical and electrical work for the construction and modernization of production lines throughout Europe. I have also been working in the United States – initially as a mechanic, now as an electrician at the construction site of a wipes factory. We install ventilation, the entire air conditioning system and machines.

The greatest benefit of working in Eryk is the opportunity to visit the whole world and get to know other cultures (eg. Greenland). What I like most at work is the variety of places I visit, rarely returning to the same place, and the possibility of meeting new people. It is also great to prank colleagues and make fun of each other. I like going to new projects with a tight, well-functioning team.

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