Artur Polcyn

A few days ago we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our colleague’s work – Artur Polcyn. On this occasion, we asked him a few questions:

You’ve been working at Eryk for 10 years. Do you remember your first project? Where was it and what were you working on?

My first project was in Denmark, in the town of Arhus. We were working on a very interesting project for one of the largest automatic parking lots in Scandinavia.

What has been your biggest challenge and the most difficult project so far?

Over these ten years, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in various projects: interesting, difficult, and very demanding in terms of work and conditions. Answering the question about my biggest challenge, I believe that all projects so far have been a challenge.

What has your career path been like?

I started working at the company as a Mechanic, and in the first few years, I mainly worked on such projects – slaughterhouses, concrete plants, car factories. After about two years, I also started working on electrical projects, often in the role of a foreman. In 2018, I became a Team Manager, but I’ve never been hungry for titles – I value the work of the whole team, and it’s number one for me because without the team’s work, there’s no success.

How many countries have you managed to visit during this time? Which one is your favorite and why?

Thanks to my work at Eryk, I have the opportunity to travel to various places in Europe and beyond. I’ve been to almost all European countries, but I don’t have a favorite – each of them has something interesting to see.

How would you convince young people to join Eryk?

In my opinion, the Eryk company is worth recommending because it provides an opportunity to gain experience, see various innovative technical solutions, and participate in global projects. Some of them contribute to saving the world – for example, I worked in Chernobyl on the Arch, and now often when I watch programs about this undertaking, I am proud that our work will serve people worldwide for the next hundred years.

What’s your way of achieving work-life balance? Do you have any hobbies? 😊

My way of finding satisfaction at work is that we take on tasks together as a team, accomplish them together, help each other, and are always together in successes and failures. I always try to create a good atmosphere among my team – both at work and outside of it.

I also have my interests that I try to pursue: I love traveling as a tourist, discovering cool new places. I often spend my free time in the lap of nature – for example, fishing. I’m also interested in cars, and of course, the first place in my life is the time spent with my family.


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