Mateusz Maciąg

Mateusz started working at Eryk in 2018, joining the team as a Junior Mechanic. After a year, he became a Mechanic and a Team Leader, and after the next three years, he was promoted to the position of Team Manager. He became a Coach in one of the early stages of this project, participating in training sessions for coaches.

What are your expectations regarding apprentices? What makes an ideal apprentice?

For me, at the very beginning, apprentices should ask what they expect from themselves and where they want to be, for example, after a year. Coaches can only assist them in achieving those goals. Therefore, the ideal qualities of an intern are COMMITMENT, along with creativity and diligence.

How do you ensure that apprentices receive all the support needed to help them improve their skills?

I try to do this in every way possible. It mostly depends on the project, the level of the apprentice or the other team members. Each apprentice/technician requires a different approach, and I try not to act schematically but rather work with each one individually.

Are there common challenges apprentices face when being coached?

I think that for most apprentices, the main challenge is the high variability and diversity of projects, as well as the need to quickly adapt to a new environment. At the same time, this is a great advantage because we deal with new issues, which allows us to acquire new skills faster.

How do you motivate your team?

From my previous experiences, I’ve found that a good team doesn’t require any particular motivation; a good atmosphere and successful completion of assigned tasks naturally drive further action.

What role do you play in evaluating the progress and development of apprentices?

As a coach, I am responsible for evaluating the apprentice’s work after each project. When it comes to development, I try to give my knowledge by analyzing the specific areas where the apprentice requires support.

List 3 things that brings you satisfaction and keep you focused when work gets really busy 😉

FAMILY, gaining new experiences, and a satisfied customer after completing a project.

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