Marcin Schonborn

I started working for Eryk (that time it was BIC Electric) in 2007 as an assembly worker. A bit later I became a Team Leader.

Work at Eryk has proven to be very interesting and my previous experience just a fraction of what was needed. I love the diversity of projects, places, technologies we had to handle and the huge number of people I have met.

Of course, the roles I took at the beginning were not the most ambitious ones. Neither were the projects. But over time, I have gathered more experience. Also, our company has become more recognizable and the doors to more responsible tasks opened for me. Today, I can freely say, that I sometimes do work that I used to consider available only to the best specialists. Examples are: maintenance, PLC programming, commissioning, supervision…

My biggest challenge and the toughest project was work for Caldan in Ukraine. Firstly, the problem was unstable political situation (I was there during the Majdan unrest). Secondly, the fact, that I only had two days to absorb the 25 years of the company’s know-how. After arriving in Ukraine, I was supposed to repair the installation made by not very experienced Ukrainian electricians, write a PLC program for a 1500m-long line, commission the installation and run a functional test. The deadline for all of this already passed on the day I arrived there! It was hard, but again, I got a chance to prove my worth and get interesting experience…

Eryk is a Polish company which functions according to European standards. Eryk’s customers value our hard work, flexibility, knowledge and professionalism, and all of this for good value for money. Additionally, by working with so many customers we observe plenty of high-tech solutions which we can later use and enrich our technological mix – a hybrid of ideas. Naturally, we also add something from ourselves. Thanks to this knowledge and our own ideas we sometimes get our customers out of quite serious trouble. This enhances our image as professionals.

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