Bartosz Duk

Meet Bartosz – an electrician at Eryk and one of the graduates of our Apprenticeship Program.  

He joined our team in 2022. During his year as an apprentice, he travelled to projects in Belgium and Denmark, gaining his first electrical experience at Eryk, starting from scratch. At the beginning of his apprenticeship, Bartosz performed simple tasks, such as cable laying, but soon things changed 😉 

He recalls that during a project in the Danish town of Esbjerg, he gained a lot of new knowledge from his coaches. Ireneusz Minga taught him how to read documentation and how to use tools. He introduced Bartosz to all the basics of electrical work. 

Bartosz also recalls, under the supervision of Dariusz Malko, connecting the first lamps and feeling quite stressed, wondering if all of them would work during the testing phase. “I felt very happy when all of them worked” – he said.  

“I feel that there are still many new things ahead of me, and with each project, I am getting better and better.” 

The bar for Bartosz is set very high because his brother and father are Eryk’s extremely valued technicians for many years. At the beginning of his adventure in Eryk, he worked with his brother, Tomek. Bartosz mentions that working with family members is no different from working with other colleagues if we can separate private life from work.  

Bartosz, we are very happy to have you in our team! Good luck with the next projects! 😊 


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