Lucian Borghina

Lucian has been with Eryk since 2012. He started out as an Electrical Technician and after 10 years in the field, he joined the Key Account Department in our office.

We asked Lucian a couple of questions:

Lucian, you have been working with Eryk for more than 10 years. Do you remember your first project? What was that and where?
My first project was in Denmark and it was refitting an Arla milk processing factory.

What was your biggest challenge and the toughest project so far?
I can say that refitting and replacing the whole heating system under Imperial College in London was a challenging and tough project to execute, due to harsh working conditions (high temperature and humidity). Additionally, all systems needed to be kept operational while we were working. Another challenging project was the automatic car park in Aarhus, the biggest automatic car park in Europe. It was a complex, but interesting project to complete and it was very satisfying to see it go into operation.

Can you describe the steps of your career in Eryk?
I started as an Electrical Technician, then Team Leader a couple years later. After that, I was Team Manager for the last five years, and currently I am Key Account Engineer responsible for a few of our customers.

Do you know how many countries have you visited so far with Eryk? Which was your favorite? 😊
I have been pretty much all over Europe, around 15 countries. One of the most beautiful was Norway because of the amazing scenery, but nothing can beat Italy for its food!

For a few months you have been working in the office as Key Account Engineer, how do you feel in your new role?
It’s a new challenge for me, a different side of our job. I am learning new things as I understand the work that needs to be done, in order to keep our operations going smooth and the company functioning at optimal performance.

You are responsible for the apprenticeship program. What are your main responsibilities within this area?
My responisibilites consist of participating in: screening and interviews of candidates and in onboarding meetings with newly hired Apprentices with regards to project planning and other important topics relating to cooperation with KAD. I’m also coordinating external training activities for Coaches when needed, following up on monthly evaluations with Coaches and updating all internal files.

How would you encourage young people to join Eryk?
We are a company that offers a lot of interesting opportunities for a new employee. There are a lot of different countries and projects on different technical levels, all of that can help develop technical knowledge. We are also investing in our employees, offering different courses for their professional development.

We know that you are a member of Eryk’s Cycling Team. How long have you been cycling? Are you planning any races this season? What are your other hobbies?
I am just a beginner/amateur cyclist, who enjoys a ride from time to time, when possible. I will be participating on DGI Hærvejsløbet race in June this year, with our team. I try to keep myself in shape, running and going to gym too, when possible. I also like to read and watch a good movie from time to time.

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