Hobbies at Eryk: Ula – The Saxophonist

Meet Ula, our finance and administration specialist who transforms into a passionate saxophonist after the close of work. 🎷 She turns her love for music into melodious tunes that reflect her creativity and dedication beyond the office walls. Ula has been playing on and off since she was 15 years old. She was drawn to the saxophone after first hearing Candy Dulfer’s ‘Lily Was Here’ and fell in love with the alto sax sound.

The saxophone is a flexible musical instrument which allows players to explore different music styles and genres. For Ula, she enjoys mainstream jazz, swing, soul, funk, and hip-hop.

Having hobbies for a work-life balance is a must. It is a stress reliever, a huge mood boost and it gives one inner satisfaction while exploring life – My world without art & music, mostly playing the saxophone would just be incomplete 😊 I love to listen to and play (both with my band and alone) – It doesn’t matter if I’m no professional – playing an instrument at any level is awesome. I also play the piano and I like to admire some of the painters.Ula

Playing the saxophone specifically has health benefits including; improving respiratory health, enhancing brain memory, enhancing listening skills and many more. Ula has also performed at several events including an international beauty contest. Impressive right? 😉

At Eryk, a healthy work-life balance is encouraged for all our employees, and you can be sure to meet people like Ula who are highly skilled in other interesting areas outside of work. We hope to share more of these interests with you of course. 😊 We never can tell who could be inspired to improve the quality of their life with this.

We wish Ula the best in her endeavours with the Saxophone. 😊

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