A rising star in Danish and international business, Maj W. Møller, turns 30

A woman from Silkeborg moving fast up in a male-dominated technical global business

Having roots in Silkeborg, a rising star in Danish and international business, Maj W. Møller, turns 30 years, Thursday 16 of May. As a Sales Manager in BIC Group  she is an admired career woman in an industry dominated by middle-aged men.

Being Sales Manager in the international industrial group BIC Electric with operations in over 30 countries, Maj is often on the go. Despite her young age, she has already seen most of the world and is also used to negotiating B2B contracts going into millions. This in an industry where the stereotype of a sales manager is a corpulent gentleman in his fifties. Maj W. Møller therefore naturally sticks out of the mass of gentlemen in suits, which she is perfectly fine with, as it gives her a visibility in the industry. She beats her colleagues – not only on age, weight and gender, but also on the stamina. Maj’s training gear is a permanent part of her travel inventory in her suitcase, which is already packed and ready for the next international sales tour.

When Maj started in 2014 as the first external sales employee in BIC Electric, the company employed approx. 80 employees. Currently the company employs over 200 employees and has established further companies / representations in Denmark, Norway, Poland, England, Germany and Ghana. At the same pace, also Maj’s career has taken off. She has developed from being a sales trainee to today being Sales Manager in the Group and Managing Director of Sales, Marketing & Communications, which counts 6 employees, who refer directly to May.

Maj is originally from the central part of Jutland, where she studied at Silkeborg Gymnasium. Soon afterwards the trip went to Zealand, where she took a bachelor’s in performance design and Business Studies at RUC. Since then, she has supplemented this with sales education at Business Denmark and a management education at Niels Brock. Today, Maj lives with his English boyfriend, Ben, and their Polish hunting dog Zepp in Szczecin, Poland, where the BIC Group has their European headquarters.

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