Eryk Apprentices Begin Training at Skive College

We are excited to share that our young apprentices have officially begun a side-by-side vocational in-class learning at Skive College in Denmark while gaining practical experiences provided by Eryk through international electrical projects. The training is the first in a planned series of efforts towards improving the quality of Eryk’s apprenticeship program and the experience of our technicians. It marks the start of an enriching educational journey, where they will gain advanced knowledge and skills essential for their careers.  

The training is an outcome of the partnership established between Eryk and Skive College earlier in 2024, and its impact extends beyond individual career growth. By equipping our electricians with specialized skills, we are training a new generation of professionals who will drive sustainable solutions in the near future for all our economies. The range training will include courses on PLC programming, cable management, and electrical safety of machinery and automated plants among others. After accomplishing the training which is expected to last for a couple of months, Eryk’s apprentices will receive a Skive College certificate that elevates their professional practice as electricians.

Skive College offers specialized electrical training, hands-on experience and exposure to cutting-edge technologies in renewable energy that cover the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of high-voltage systems in wind turbines and power plants. It is the only certified provider in Denmark for high voltage courses and emphasizes professionalism, creativity, and international collaboration, making it a center for aspiring electrical technicians. (see more on their website).

To set a positive tone for this exciting journey ahead, we also had some great integration moments with our young electricians. We look forward to tracking their progress throughout the training. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative learning experience. 

Read more about our partnership with Skive College and Maritime University of Szczecin. 

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