Eryk Group Partners with Skive College and Maritime University for Electrician Apprenticeship 

Big news! Eryk Group, Skive College and the Maritime University of Szczecin in Poland have teamed up to promote the education and training of young individuals with practical training gained from our international electrician apprenticeship program.  

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed to this effect on February 1st, 2024, with the King of Denmark, HRH Frederik X present to witness this event during his visit to Poland. 

Purpose of the MoU 

By partnering with these technical educational institutions, Eryk aims to bridge the skills gap by combining theoretical education with hands-on experience of an apprenticeship. This agreement is a big step in the right direction for our apprenticeship program as it combines high-level theoretical education in English for individuals with an electrical skilled background provided by Skive College and the Maritime University Szczecin with a high-level of work experience provided by Eryk through international electrical projects. They’re the dream team working towards the goal of developing one of the world’s best International Electrotechnical Apprenticeship Programs. 

Eryk’s Apprenticeship Program 

Eryk’s apprenticeship program initiated by Eryk Group in 2018, is open to young technicians at the beginning of their careers and offers them opportunities to learn and gain experience on international projects (read more: click). The core of this initiative will be highly-skilled world-class international professionals needed for the global green transition to save the world and create a brighter future for the next generations. This opportunity is accessible to young people in Poland, Denmark and other parts of the world where development opportunities are absent or even scarce. 

Apprentices who successfully complete the apprenticeship program graduate with a positive evaluation and are equipped with a wealth of experiences and knowledge acquired from international projects. They gain expertise in professionally operating, maintaining, repairing, installing, measuring, and inspecting electrical devices and networks. 

Eryk’s International Apprenticeship Program became part of the EU program NigerianTechPro4Europe in 2023. This was implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development showcasing the initiative’s global impact and recognition. 

In line with our goal to cooperate with stakeholders in both Europe and Africa in the continued development of the apprenticeship program, Eryk has similar MoUs with the Nigerian Board of Technical Education (NBTE) (read more: click) and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). Soon, we hope to facilitate the cooperation among all 4 partners – SC, MUS, NBTE and ICMPD. 

With this collaboration, Eryk Group, Skive College and the Maritime University of Szczecin are making a positive impact by setting the stage for the future with highly skilled professionals who possess both theoretical and practical knowledge needed to address global challenges. We are excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead.  

Read more about Apprenticeship Program – click.

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