10th anniversary at Eryk

” I would like to emphasize how much I appreciate this place and the opportunity to work with each of you. I used to be able to only dream of such a scenario, and now I can realize it. This is a real happiness for me.” 

A few days ago, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of one of our colleague – Michał Charowski, Key Account Engineer. We asked Michał about his first project, the best memories of these 10 years, and the biggest challenges. Here is what he had to say:

“My first project at BIC Electric was working on a project for our former client, Crisplant, in the Bestseller logistics center. The task involved maintenance work, ensuring the continuous operation of roller conveyors, keeping the sorter and stacker crane in operation. I have fond memories of the project at the Audi factory in Brussels for Imtech, mainly due to the good relationship with the client and the valuable colleagues I had the opportunity to work and live with every day. I believe the biggest challenge is still ahead of me, but if I were to define it, I would divide it into three moments: the decision to work abroad, taking on the project for Bladt that was already underway, and the prospects for success were not very high. The decision to return to the country and take up a position in the office where I currently work.” – said Michał. 

Congratulations Michal! Thank you for your great work and good luck for another 10 years with Eryk!

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