Building on Sustainable Practices at Eryk

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.  – Peter Drucker 

At Eryk, we firmly believe that sustainability is not just a goal, but an ongoing journey that demands continuous innovation, collaboration, and a forward-thinking mindset. It’s also the delicate balance between meeting the needs of today and contributing to a more secure future. For sure we aren’t perfect, there are still areas for us to improve on when it comes to thinking and acting sustainably. However, we are determined to do our part by taking one step at a time, setting clear and measurable goals, and entering meaningful collaborations towards driving positive change. 

This takes us back to the visit of the Official Danish Business Delegation to Poland centred around pressing issues such as energy efficiency, climate-friendly farming, biogas, and offshore initiatives where two of our colleagues, Maj Winther Møller and Adam Piotrowski, had the privilege of representing Eryk, highlighting our commitment to sustainability.  

Like HM the King of Denmark, Frederik X who led the delegation said in his opening speech – Renewable energy, sustainable production and new technologies are at the core of our shared vision for the future, a safe and thriving world for future generations.” Hence, there is need for collaboration at all levels to continuously keep sustainable initiatives at the forefront. This means leveraging emerging technologies, collaborating with industry peers, and engaging with stakeholders to drive meaningful change. 

Although, a sustainable approach offers great potential for companies and industries, our colleague and Eryk’s Chief Sales Officer, Maj Winther Møller, who was present at the event emphasises something else: It also requires that we work hard and follow up and take necessary action needed to realise the sustainability & climate goals (ESG’s) set forth by our governments. If we are to design, produce and install all the fantastic new technology needed for the Energy Efficiency journey, then we must secure the availability of competent manpower which is now lacking, given the extremely low unemployment rate in Poland and Denmark.” 

Eryk’s contributions to energy efficiency – sustainability 

As a technical service provider, we have made some progress, but we still recognize the need for further improvement towards reducing our environmental impact. Eryk’s contributions to energy efficiency and sustainability are evident in some of our efforts in providing our services to green energy projects such as offshore wind power installations, biogas plants, P2X plants etc Having a business portfolio combined with a sustainability mindset is also something to attract and retain skilled employees. This has contributed to Eryk’s growth over the years. Our company’s initiative to bring in the needed manpower into Europe has been effective in the extensive support and technical services we provide to our customers.  

“The fact that we have been able to find, attract and keep the needed brains and qualified hands that the market demands in the areas of technical installation and assembly services, is the reason why we have been able to grow from 0-300 employees during the last 20 years! The question is, can this continue? YES! But we must utilize the full potential of talents across the world and offer them, and ourselves, a better future. EDUCATION IS VITAL!” – emphasises Maj. 

Sustainability is not just about minimizing environmental impact—it’s also about fostering social responsibility and economic resilience. That is why our commitments equally extend to initiatives that support local communities, empower employees, and create long-term value for our customers. 

As we navigate the road ahead, we hope to see more individuals, companies and even the authorities help promote and facilitate our journey towards sustainability. Especially, as we move towards the 2030 goal of 70% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, let’s harness the power of innovation, collaboration, and collective action to build a brighter, more sustainable future for all. This is possible through continued collaboration and shared expertise. We are confident that together, we can create a greener, more prosperous future for generations to come. 

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