Official Danish Business Delegation in Poland

H.M. King Frederik X of Denmark has recently embarked on a visit to Poland accompanied by a Danish business delegation. We are very honoured at Eryk, that we could take part in the program. We are also very excited that the first official visit of the new King of Denmark was planned to happen not only in Warsaw, but also in Szczecin, which bears the nickname “Little Denmark” thanks to the multitude of Danish expats and businesses here.  

The purpose of this carefully planned visit was to promote official business initiatives centred around energy efficiency, climate-friendly farming, biogas and offshore. It took place from January 31st to February 2nd, 2024. The itinerary included visits to Poland’s capital, Warsaw, and the port city of Szczecin. During his time in Szczecin, the King engaged with representatives from both the Danish and Polish business communities. 
Why Szczecin? A home to our shared service centre, Szczecin is also home to other companies of Danish, or Danish-Polish origin, whose business resides here. Szczecin is known for its maritime history and thriving business community, which serves as an ideal backdrop for collaborative ventures and networking opportunities. 

For Eryk, the visit was also a moment of pride and joy. We were honoured with the King’s presence at the business networking event, during which, we had the privilege to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Skive College and the Maritime University of Szczecin, ensuring both theoretical and practical knowledge for young electrical apprentices. 😊 

Eryk embraced this unique opportunity as a catalyst for business growth and development, forging valuable connections with like-minded businesses – both Danish and Polish and strengthening business ties within the business communities.  We anticipate future collaborations that would showcase our commitment to providing solutions that align seamlessly with the goals of this business promotion campaign, positioning Eryk as a key player in facilitating international collaborations. 

Photos from Szczecin:

Signing MoU with Skive College & Martime University

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