Admiring the Arctic landscape

An Eryk technician not only gets to work on state of the art technology, but also gets to explore unusual locations. Although it’s nearly spring here in Europe, we couldn’t resist sharing some winter views that we received from 2 of our colleagues: Ireneusz and Mateusz. They had the opportunity to explore Greenland and Iceland, where they enjoyed breathtaking views. Have a look at some beautiful pictures.  

Greenland has quite a specific, harsh landscape, and I’m not talking about the weather. This is the place where water meets rocky hills. I really like this view 😊 I love the combination of mountains and water at the same time. 

It is so dissimilar from other places I have been to that there is no sand here, nothing at all. There is no vegetation as such, and trees occur in one valley and there are none in Nuuk. The view of Nuuk, when there is no snow can be very overwhelming. It’s gloomy, only buildings and rocks around (the only more extreme place I have seen was Etna).

However, when there is white powder (most months) the view is amazing! Sometimes I catch myself staring at the bay I already know with fresh eyes 😊” – Says Ireneusz, Team Leader on the project. 

Here are some perks of being an Eryk technician 😉 

Have a look at the gallery: 



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