Danish Bioenergy Delegation at Eryk

We were thrilled to welcome the Danish Bioenergy Business Delegation to Poland at our shared service center on March 20, 2024. This visit was made possible through an event hosted by the Royal Danish Embassy and the Danish Export Association for Danish businesses making moves to explore the possibilities for more biogas production in Western Pomerania.

Among the itineraries of this event was a networking day hosted by Eryk. This allowed us to provide our guests with a tour of our workspace and valuable insights into our operations.

The themes of the event focused on energy efficiency, independence, and sustainability, followed by in-depth discussions on the technical and legal aspects of biogas production. It was an enriching experience for all participants involved, further promoting connections and collaboration between Danish and Polish companies within the renewable energy and biogas sectors. Most importantly, it is great to see these initiatives and discussions take place here in Szczecin and we are proud that with our electrical and mechanical services, we can take part in this transformation.

We extend our sincere gratitude to our esteemed guests, including representatives from the Royal Danish Embassy in Poland, Danish Export Association, Agrometer, AMMONGAS, Goodvalley, GreenFarm™, LSM Pumper, Lin-Ka Energy, Nature Energy, and Renew Energy for their valuable contributions to this event.

At Eryk, we remain committed to driving innovation and collaboration in the bioenergy sector, and we look forward to continued partnerships that will move us towards a more sustainable future.

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