When the customer is happy, all is good in the world ;-)

“It’s been a pleasure working with your team on the Project at CEMEX Rochester UK. It has been important for me and SKAKO that we complied with all safety rules on site and everyone has succeeded. There has been good effort from all men and a positive mood, so thank you for this strong team. I hope it is possible to get the same strong team next time.” 
– Tau Nielsen, Installation Supervisor, SKAKO Concrete A/S

Our good collaboration with SKAKO goes a back a few good years. It is not the first time we receive “thanks”  😉 

SKAKO is a Danish company producing turnkey concrete mixing systems, 95% of which is sold to export markets throughout the world.
Eryk has been carrying out electrical and mechanical installations at conveyor deliverables at SKAKO for several years. The main part of the cooperation consists of onsite installation where Eryk is mainly carrying out mechanical installations of concrete mixing systems.
We are very proud that we keep the customer satisfied 🙂

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