Ebenezer – the first trainee to complete our training program

Ebenezer Martey joined us in April 2019 as one of our first West African colleagues from Nigeria and Ghana to take part our training program in Europe. The course syllabus was designed for 0,5-2 years and focused particularly on our work standards. It started with extensive theoretical training, comprising technical and HSEQ issues, followed by practical training on-site, together with other Eryk technicians. Ebenezer is the first electrician to complete Eryk’s training program and join the ranks of technicians.

Ebenezer is currently on a site training, but he found some time to share his reflections on his first year at Eryk.

Firstly, Ebenezer, congratulations on completing the training at Eryk! Could you share with us, what project or situation will you remember the most from that one year?

Thank you. The most memorable on-site training was mainly the renovation of existing electrical installation in flats and that was my first on-site training with Eryk. It was a bit difficult working in such environment at the start, but after a week I was able to adjust and catch up the standard of my colleagues. Since then it has been fun.

What projects have you realized with Eryk so far? 

So far, my on-site training have been industrial / commercial electrical and mechanical installation and all these projects were fully carried out by Eryk technicians. I’m happy to be part of the company.

Are there any particular new skills you have learned with Eryk? 

I have learned the European style of working and using equipment, and materials.

Before coming to Eryk, you were an electrician working on different projects in Africa. Can you tell us a bit more about industries, projects and areas you were working in?

In Africa I worked with cable manufacturing industries, steel /aluminium, food/ beverages and concrete/paving stone industries. Most of my projects were testing, commissioning, calibration and maintenance of industrial equipment such as concrete batching plants, coal plants, boilers, extruder machines, conveyors etc. My main role in the projects was maintenance and modification of control systems.

How does it feel to work in a different culture? Is it a challenge or an adventure?

It is a challenge because I meet people with different cultures and, at times, the communication becomes a problem and I have to find another way of communication to keep the work going.

How are our Eryk technicians as technicians, team members and colleagues? Is there anything that impressed you? 

Their working standard, it’s marvellous.

We also asked our Key Account Manager, Michał Płudowski, who was evaluating your performance, if he could provide us with a few key words when it comes to you and your training, and here is what he says:

As a technician, Ebenezer shows great efficiency and a good pace of learning. As far as I know from the project Team Leaders or Team Managers – they are very satisfied with Ebenezer’s performance. He learns fast, according to the European standards. He is also a sociable person, which Ebenezer’s colleagues appreciate very much. It is just a pleasure to work with him. Keep up the good work, Ebenezer! 😊  Do you have any comments to that?

I’m really happy to hear that.

We are happy to have you onboard! Good luck with your next projects! 😊

Thank you.

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