Agro Technology Export delegation to Lviv in Ukraine

Ukrainian agriculture industry is one of the key sectors in the Ukrainian policy for maintaining and recovery of their economy in a time of war. According to the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, “25 % of the Ukrainian agricultural production are influenced by the war and have a negative impact for the total production”.

Therefore, the Ukrainian market is not just looking for access to agro technology for recovery and modernisation of the sector. It also needs potential partnerships for increasing production of technology in Ukraine.

Our Sales colleagues, Adam and Bartek, joined the export delegation to Ukraine and had the opportunity to visit some of the leading producers. The program consisting of seminars, farm visits and B2B meetings took place in Lviv and surroundings. It was accompanied by Ukrainian stakeholders in the Agro sector. The trip was an opportunity to gain an understanding of local needs and of the possibilities for Eryk to support one of the largest agricultural industries in Europe, which now requires Europe’s attention and support.

We strongly believe in the power of unity, diplomacy and empathy in times of crisis. We hope that this meeting would further promote peace and sustainability not only in words but through partnerships that yields a positive difference.

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Ministers of Agriculture Policy in Ukraine and in Denmark: Minister Mykola Solsky and Minister Jacob Jensen with their teams signing Cooperation Agreement.
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