King Eryk’s Run 2023

Eryk’s representation had the privilege of meeting the Mayor of Darłowo, Arkadiusz Klimowicz, and many other fantastic people including King Eryk himself, who put the medals on every runner’s neck. Apart from medals we have also received a beautiful sculpture of the King Eryk, which can be admired in our office. Special extra applause to the coordinators of the event: Tomasz Breszka and Waldemar Śmigielski. Thank you for such a great event and for having us! It was a pleasure to meet you in person!

Let’s hope we meet again next year!

Congrats to our runners: Jens-Chrisitan, Szymon, Lucian and Michał! This weekend, Eryk team took part in a fantastic event in Darłowo. It is already the 7th edition of The King’s Eryk Run, our: 2nd, and hopefully there will be more of them!

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