Ultra Gryfus 2023: Eryk’s Riders Conquer Cycling Challenge

The 6th edition of the Ultra Gryfus 2023 cycling race was a big deal for cycling enthusiasts in Szczecin. But it was an even bigger deal for Eryk, as a company deeply passionate about promoting active lifestyles, especially cycling. This yearly tradition went down on September 2nd and 3rd, and of course Eryk’s enthusiastic team was out there, doing their thing! 🚴‍♂️💥

Eryk’s team included Jens-Christian, Cezary, and Adam, who once again showcased their unwavering passion for cycling.😊 In this latest edition of the Ultra Gryfus race, which featured over 200 cyclists, Eryk’s representatives delivered very commendable performances. Adam secured the 48th place, Cezary followed closely at 49th, and Jens-Christian not far behind in the 55th place.

I’m very proud of my team and myself! It was such an exciting race and we were very lucky the weather was amazing!” – Cezary Miller.

The event was organized by the Szczecin Cycling Club Gryfus and continues to solidify its status as one of the most significant cycling events in the region. Its primary goal remains to promote Szczecin and West Pomerania, showcasing the beauty and cycling opportunities this area has to offer.

This year’s race covered a challenging 275 km providing a true test of endurance, courage, stamina and skill for all participants who raced around the Szczecin lagoon from Łasztownia going through Mecklenburg – Vorpommern in Germany and Western Pomerania in Poland.



The Ultra Gryfus 2023 race remains a highlight on Eryk’s calendar and as the dust settles on this epic event, we reflect on Eryk’s team’s achievements and eagerly await more thrilling events in the nearest future.

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