Never slowing down! Knud Erik’s dedication and commitment

In a world where time often defines our boundaries, one man breaks free. That’s Knud Erik, a super-dedicated member of Eryk Group. For his 74 birthday he decided to do something incredible. Let’s be frank, we all can be jealous of what he has recently accomplished!

Knud Erik loves biking, and just recently during his summer holidays, he biked 550 kilometres from Ribe in the south of Denmark to Skagen in the north of Denmark. It wasn’t an easy ride – lots of gravel roads and long stretches – but he didn’t give up. This isn’t just about biking; it’s about Knud Erik’s heart that never gets tired of doing things he loves.

But Knud Erik’s commitment extends far beyond the open road. Between biking adventures and caring for his own farm, he spends 5 to 10 hours every week looking after Eryk’s facilities in Denmark ensuring everything is working perfectly, upholding the standards of excellence the company is known for.

Our story with Knud Erik began 7 years ago when he joined us after working at Arla foods. He fits right in, sharing his enthusiasm and commitment.  His support is unmeasurable, and we are very grateful for that!

And guess what? Knud Erik is actually the oldest member of the team! With a youthful soul open to the call of exciting adventures, you can definitely expect more from Knud Eric soon!

Congratulations, Knud Erik and good luck for your future endeavours!

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