King Eryk’s Run 2024

It has now become a cherished tradition for Eryk runners both big and small to participate in the prestigious King Eryk’s Run of 10km. This is already the 8th edition but it’s only our 3rd time.

This year was nothing short of spectacular as the event kicked off with an amazing race for the kids. We extend special congratulations to the children of our colleague, Dawid for their impressive performance.

Reflecting on past years, our team has always enjoyed meeting the wonderful of Darłowo, including the Mayor, Arkadiusz Klimowicz and King Eric himself, who honours each runner with a medal. Our office proudly displays a beautiful sculpture of King Eric as a reminder of this memorable event.

Big thanks to Bieg Króla Eryka Darłowo and Miasto Darłowo for hosting this incredible event. We look forward to participating again next year. Go Team Eryk!

We are extremely proud of our runners; Szymon, Dawid, and Jude for their efforts. And of course, special thanks to Bartek who captured all the excitement and for his excellent reporting. 😉

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