Recap 2021

Facts and figures 2021

During 2021 we had projects in more than 21 different countries. Below you find a little recap to summarize some of the things we took part in – our achievements – big and small 😉 (read on and see some pictures below 🙂 )


  • 21 Project countries incl. USA, Canada and China.
  • New countries: Canada and Greece.
  • 21 events visited by our Sales Team – in reality! Locations: DE, NL, AT, DK, PL, FR.
  • Business Delegations: Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria.


  • Award for the most eco-friendly office building in Poland – Posejdon, location of our Shared Service Center (read more).
  • Równa Firma – in category: Apprentice Program concept (read more).
  • FootGolf Polish Championship 2021 of our Sales Rep. Patryk Kwiecień (read more).

Successful sport races:

  • Eryk’s Running Team’s 2nd Place, 2nd year in a row at the NCDC Business Relay Race among over 154 teams.
  • Ultra-cycling Wanoga race – 603 km in just 3 days done by our Sales Manager Adam Piotrowski.
  • Aarhus-Odense-Copenhagen bicycle race – 376 km in just 16 hours achieved by Eryk’s President Jens-Chr. Moller, who reached a top speed of 50,8 km/h!

Fun facts:

  • 20kg of Krówka (Polish fudge) – eaten by our KADs during brainstormings
  • 5d 13h and 20 min – time of riding a bike to burn the 82.000 kcal = equivalent of 20kg of Krówka), which is also: 256 days of brain activity at 100%
  • +16.000 cups of coffee brewed
  • 113 – Christmas presents for kids of our employees
  • 288 – table football battles

Phrases of the year:We need more Krówka” (PL fudge) 😉

Some pictures from 2021:

Check more: here

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