Electrical installation assembly works on automotive production lines


diverse customers, incl. ATS Group, Lödige Industries and Imtech

Project locations

  • Belgium Belgium
  • Denmark Denmark
  • Germany Germany
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • South Africa South Africa
  • Hong Kong Hong Kong

Scope of work:

  • Electrical installation and mechanical assembly works on automotive production lines.
  • Setting up industrial robotic arms.
  • Installation of conveyor systems.
  • Setting up electric infrastructure.
  • Providing technical support during the commissioning of new assembly lines, as well as overhauling existing ones.
  • Service and maintenance works of the production lines.


We have been now working with Eryk (back the BIC Electric) for a few years and we are satisfied to see that they consistently meet our requirements. We have also observed that they can cope with increasing complexity of assignments and we can rely on them, not only with mechanical assembly and electrical installation, but also with their on-site team management. – Steven Wauman, Division Manager, ATS.


For years Eryk has been supporting the leading automotive manufacturers worldwide, also during shutdowns.


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