Electrical and mechanical installations for electronic consumer goods' production lines


diverse customers, incl. W.E.S. Conveyors

Project locations

  • Netherlands Netherlands

Even though the pandemic caused stagnation and disrupted growth of several market sectors, specifically the market of electronic consumer goods was resilient. In fact, even with periodical closures of physical stores globally, the consumer electronics has been steadily progressing and developing. People were generally spending much more time at homes. As a result, increased demand for smart electronic devices brought growth in the entire sector and in the number of projects in the automation industry. Electronic consumer goods – installations of production lines, were one of the subjects that Eryk was dealing with.

Recently, together with our British customer W.E.S. Conveyors Ltd., Eryk was a part of an interesting installation project in the Netherlands, where we provided electrical and mechanical installation services for one of the key manufacturers of smart electronic devices.

Scope of work:

  • Electrical and mechanical rebuild of the existing conveyor lines. Installations included works, such as:
    • change of conveyor units, control boxes,
    • modification and rewiring work,
    • testing.


With the support from Eryk’s technical team we managed to install a conveyor line at the end-customer’s site successfully.  After carrying out extensive tests and simulating all possible scenarios, the line is working mechanically and electrically correct. The end-customer is happy.
Eryk’s team was a pleasure to work with. We are very pleased with their accuracy in carrying out the work and would be very happy to work with Eryk again in the future.”

Steve Jeffery, W.E.S. Conveyors Ltd.

Certainly, if the end-customer is happy, we are very happy too!

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