Electrical installation works


EuroSort Systems BV

Project locations

  • Germany Germany
  • Spain Spain
  • UK UK
  • Poland Poland
  • Denmark Denmark
  • Greece Greece
  • Sweden Sweden

Scope of work:

  • Electrical and mechanical installation works of automated picking conveyor systems
  • Electrical installation on a large-scale
  • Cable pulling
  • Connections and installation of sensors


”I am very positive about Eryk (formerly BIC Electric) and I value the price-quality metric we are getting from them at our assembly and installation projects. I am glad we have found each other.” Nico Schilder, Installation Manager, EuroSort

About the customer:

EuroSort Systems specializes in manufacturing high-speed unit sortation systems for a variety of applications, including order fulfillment, returns, postal sorting, kitting and store replenishment.

Gaps in geography, resources, competences – FILLED IN!

When manufacturing industrial machinery for material handling, sorting and intralogistics, outsourcing electrical and mechanical installation services is a smart move, but can be done more or less efficiently. EuroSort has a policy to subcontract certain works to external partners, and they also have experience with the more and the less effective ways of doing so.

In 2016 one of EuroSort’s existing service providers performed below expectations, especially with regard to professionalism, so EuroSort was on the look-out for a replacement, to be better prepared for future development.

Then they met Eryk and engaged them to handle the first joint installation project as an experiment which went very well. Within the first year of cooperation, EuroSort and Eryk have worked together on more than 5 installation projects and 3 maintenance projects in Germany, Spain, UK, Poland and Denmark, and more projects and larger ones are coming, and a possibility of more demanding projects is not ruled out.

Nico Schilder, EuroSort’s Installation Manager says, In such a collaboration model, it makes more sense to engage an external subcontractor for some routine assembly and installation projects. Eryk manages to address a few challenges, e.g. limited experience on certain foreign markets, shortage of properly-qualified and experienced technical personnel, and, most importantly, fluctuating workload.

During the first year of cooperation Eryk’s project management department optimized the composition of the teams: the weakest links got eliminated and the required competences were systematically spread over more and more technicians so that now the teams meet EuroSort’s expectations.

I am very positive about Eryk and I value the price-quality metric we are getting from them at our assembly and installation projects. I am glad we have found each other.

This inspires hope that the future projects together will be even more successful.


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