Installations of production lines


div. customers, incl. Automation Technology Systems Ltd.

Project locations

  • Ireland Ireland

Growing demand for installations of electronic consumer goods’ production lines.

The consumer electronics market has been steadily developing in recent years, and the growth accelerated further recently, with people spending much more time at home because of the pandemic. The consumer demand also puts demand on the supply chain, be it component suppliers or the manufacturing system providers.

In 2020 Eryk had the pleasure to be a part of an interesting production site installation project, where together with our customer Automation Technology Systems Ltd., we provided electrical and mechanical services for one of the key manufacturers of smart electronic portable devices.

Scope of work:

• Electrical and mechanical installation of conveyor systems
• Installation and commissioning of automation systems with servo-drive
• Installation of vision systems recognizing and analyzing items, and systems for quality control


Eryk team has shown their experience through the quality and output of work and has been eager to progress our project. The experience has been very good and highly professional, and we would not hesitate to use Eryk again.”

Garreth Finlay
Director / Project Manager
Automation Technology Systems Ltd.


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