Electrical and mechanical installation works in a parking lot


El-Team Vest A/S

Project locations

  • Denmark Denmark

Eryk technicians provided installation works in a modern parking facility in the new green district in Ørestad in Copenhagen. It is so good to make a very good impression on our customer. Our quality work has been noticed in our recent collaboration with El-Team Vest, whom we have assisted with electrical and mechanical installation work. The place is not only a parking lot, but also new office facilities.
In addition, “P-hus Hannemann” has a very interesting architecture and it’s round shape looks just great!

Scope of work:

  • Electrical and mechanical installation works in a parking lot and new office facilities.


An installation partner as reliable as Eryk is a great asset. Our cooperation goes back to 2016. Since then, we have executed numerous projects across Denmark – all at a very high-quality level. Year after year, Eryk has supported us in installing, for instance, main distribution boards, cable trays, lighting fixtures, emergency systems, earthing connections, pulling cables and much, much more. We are very satisfied with Eryk’s professional, innovative approach and very high quality of their services.

Søren Jochimsen, Director & Owner, El-team Vest A/S


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