Probably Denmark’s longest cinema commercial – maybe also among the very best…

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At bookascreen, we enter into around 1200-1300 advertising agreements annually for placement in Danish cinemas and public transport.

Typically, spots are 15-30 seconds long, so we were in for a bit of a surprise when we received a request for a local insertion of a commercial of a full 3 minutes and 17 seconds!

The inquiry came from the company Eryk i Give, and it was the director himself who called. His name is Jens-Christian Møller, he loves films and is a frequent visitor to Klovborg Kino, which he wanted to support with the introduction of Eryk’s brand new profile film.

The challenge for us was initially to find space in the advertising block. Next, we were a little reserved in terms of audience friendliness with a commercial of that length. However, we have to admit that we were instantly convinced when we first saw Eryk’s profile film.

Eryk has really produced a high-quality masterpiece with lots of humor and good atmosphere, and luckily we managed to solve the puzzle! Cinema-goers in Klovborg Kino 1-2-3 can now be entertained by Eryk’s fantastic profile film in the period 20 March to 19 April inclusive.

(Everyone else gets the chance to watch below).

…And finally, remember that if you also want to break boundaries with your marketing, we (bookascreen) are always ready to help you.📌


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