Generational change at Eryk – new faces in CEO positions

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Translation from PL version:

Eryk is a successful global company providing technical services, founded 20 years ago by the couple Lucja Kalkstein and Jens-Christian Møller in Szczecin. Eryk undertakes projects worldwide, mainly in the fields of industrial automation and IT.

“In 2004, Eryk was the first provider of dedicated technical services for the international market to establish its headquarters in Szczecin, and this is the best and most important decision we have ever made,” says Group CEO Jens-Christian Møller.

“From the very beginning, the growth has been incredible. We have recorded profits every year, except during the global financial crisis. Our good results are due to our international approach, long-term client relationships, very high customer satisfaction, and above all, the commitment and competence of our employees, many of whom have been with us since the beginning.”

“Currently, Eryk employs around 300 people, with about 200 working on technical projects in various locations around the world each week.”

On July 1st, Jens-Christian Møller will step down as Group CEO. In the Danish company Eryk A/S, he will be succeeded by his daughter, Maj Winther Møller, and in the Polish company – Eryk Sp. z o.o., which is the largest company in the group, he will be succeeded by Cezary Miller, who will also continue his current role as Group COO. Cezary Miller will remain responsible for the daily operations of the group, including the overall management of the 30-35 locations where Eryk runs projects each week. Lucja Kalkstein will continue to serve as Group Vice President.

Cezary Miller, 43, from Goleniów, graduated from the University of Szczecin with a Master’s degree in Service Management and Economics in 2005 and an MBA in 2017. He currently lives in the suburbs of Szczecin and has been working at Eryk since 2017.

“Eryk is doing great, and with our focus on automation, IT, and large installation projects – especially in the pharmaceutical sector and renewable energy – we are well-prepared for the upcoming growth. Lucja and Jens-Christian have done an amazing job, and I am confident we will continue to grow for many years. I look forward to this challenge and responsibility,” says Cezary Miller, adding:

“Eryk will largely depend on our ability to attract and retain talented employees, and I will continue our efforts to make Eryk a good and attractive employer. For a long time, our biggest challenge has been recruiting competent electricians and IT specialists. There is a shortage of workers in these industries across Europe. That’s why at Eryk we are looking towards Africa to find talent in these fields, and this is where Jens-Christian will focus his attention in the coming years of his career.”

“Yes, it’s true, I’m not retiring yet. I will focus on further developing Eryk – particularly our international Internship Program and our Remote IT Services department in Lagos, Nigeria. Lucja and I created Eryk 20 years ago, and what keeps us going is that for each of us, the whole world is a place of work and rest,” concludes Jens-Christian Møller.


Founded in Szczecin, Poland in 2004. Employs 300 people, of whom about 200 technicians are continuously engaged in projects worldwide.

The owners are Jens-Christian Møller, Lucja Kalkstein, and Maj Winther Møller in equal parts, which remains unchanged despite the generational shift.

Currently, the company is involved in major pharmaceutical projects in Denmark and Belgium – both in manufacturing plants and hospitals – as well as renewable energy projects in the USA and Africa and the construction of biogas plants in Denmark.

In 2023, the group achieved a turnover of 95 million PLN and generated a profit of 7 million PLN before tax.

Cezary Miller

  • 43 years old, residing in Szczecin
  • Master’s degree in Service Management and Economics obtained in 2005
  • MBA in 2017
  • Sales Specialist and later Project Manager at Aquarius Marine Services from 2005-2014
  • Export Manager at Cellco Communications from 2014-2017
  • Employed at Eryk since 2017. Quickly promoted to Customer Relations Manager and recently to Group COO responsible for all operational activities in the Eryk Group
  • CEO of Eryk Sp. z o.o. and Group COO of Eryk as of July 1, 2024
  • Interests in his modest free time include playing the guitar, cycling, hiking, and spending time with family and friends

Contact for additional information:

  • Group COO and future CEO of Eryk Sp. z o.o. in Poland, Cezary Miller, can be reached at +48 510 808 156 or via email at cm@eryk.com
  • Group CSO and future CEO of Eryk A/S in Denmark, Maj Winther Møller, can be reached at +45 50 43 61 98 or via email at mwm@eryk.com


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