Polish fingerprints are all over Dan-Web’s airlaid paper lines

Poland-based BIC Electric has been providing local market intelligence for Denmark’s Dan-Web, a leading worldwide supplier of turnkey airlaid lines. PPL reports

The atmosphere in Dan-Web’s installation hall located in Galten, east of Aarhus, DK, is all at once busy and relaxed. The technicians who are doing the installation on the two product lines under construction, are working calmly and resolutely while new tasks and challenges appear constantly.

Two of these technicians are wearing shirts with their company’s name on them: BIC Electric. These are the Polish technicians Marcin Schonborn and Piotr Biszewski, and they have travelled 700 km to Galten to take part in the assembly of machines which will start producing specialized paper products in the USA and Russia in just a few months.

Dan-Web Machinery A/S is a well-known supplier of airlaid lines. They are recognized all over the world for their airlaid technology, which is said to add highly unique qualities to the paper product.

Good experiences from the USA

The Polish fingerprints are especially evident in this project, since BIC Electric and Dan-Web have developed a well-functioning cooperation, which is, not least, a result of the positive experiences from a corresponding project in North Carolina, USA.
Says Electrical Engineer in Dan-Web, Lars Hansen: “Here, as it turned out, the American labor market presented severe challenges. It was impossible to find local craftsmen with the necessary competences and, in addition, the rules and regulations caused a lot of concern. In all these matters, we received a great amount of support from the cooperation with BIC Electric.”

Jens-Chr. Møller, the Chief Executive Officer at BIC Electric explains further: “What particularly benefited our customer in this situation was BIC Electric’s extensive knowledge of labor markets in several different countries. Thanks to that, we are also able to take care of the great amount of paper work and negotiations which are linked to international trading.”

Møller heads the company which he helped to establish back in 2004. Today, BIC Electric has around 200 employees, working all over the world with electrical and mechanical installation, maintenance and commissioning of plants within industry, industrial automation and construction business.

A complicated project

Dan-Web is now moving on to new assignments, and first in line is the airlaid production line, which will be set up in Arkansas, USA. BIC Electric’s employees are already working on this project together with Dan-Web’s own employees: the entire production line first has to be assembled here, in the installation hall in Galten. Everything is tested thoroughly to ensure that it is 100% functional. Also, the parts are painted the correct color before the entire machinery is taken apart again and packed carefully and systematically into containers. These are then shipped off to the USA, where Dan-Web’s and BIC Electric’s employees will assemble the product line.
“It is a long and complicated process filled with new challenges, particularly in terms of logistics,” says Lars Hansen. “Therefore, we do whatever is possible to ensure that everything is in its right place when we begin the work in Arkansas. There are high expectations in terms of Dan-Web’s level of quality, and we know that if even one little part is missing or faulty, it will become problematic to finish the project on time. In view of this, it is reassuring to have such a competent partner as BIC Electric on the project.

* BIC Group is an international technical service provider with a niche approach looking for large industrial corporations. The further away from home and the more complicated, the better.
With BIC Group as international subcontractor, our customers get an electrical and mechanical service provider who frees them from the hassle of paperwork, visas, transportation, accommodation. BIC Group enables customers to scale their capacity up or down easily and smoothly, and to avoid the costs of recruiting or letting go of their own employees. “We leave the procurement and engineering in the customer’s hands, while we handle the workmanship, which allows to optimize costs and improve competitiveness for both parties.” it says.

2017.04.10 – Pulp Paper & Logistics

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