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BIC Group uses Achilles to grow business in Danish and Norwegian oil and gas markets

BIC Electric Sp. z.o.o. (BIC Group) is an international technical service provider, originating in Poland with close to 200 employees. They act as an international subcontractor to their customers, who are mainly large industrial corporations.

BIC Group provides electrical and mechanical services and resources adding a scalability to the customers´ services. Customers primarily originate from Scandinavia and Northern Europe, but workers travel globally to individual projects where electrical or mechanical assistance is needed. In 2015 BIC Group worked on projects in over 25 countries.
The company has been registered in three Achilles communities – JQS, Sellihca and StartBANK – since 2010 and has successfully renewed its accreditations every year since.

The Challenges

BIC Group initially joined Achilles because it wanted to increase business opportunities in Scandinavian countries. To the BIC Group team, being part of the Achilles communities appeared to be the best way to get in front of larger companies, who were often difficult to contact.

Being a foreign company qualified by Achilles is a very important sales and marketing tool for us’
Pernille Müller Andersen, Marketing & Communications Manager BIC Group

A potential BIC Group customer also suggested that it would be wise to join Sellihca, which is a supplier register and pre-qualification system specifically for Nordic utilities companies. With over 2,700 individual utility buyers from 60+ organisations, joining Sellihca seemed like an excellent decision.

The Process

In the interests of keeping options open with Danish and Norwegian customers and prospects, BIC Group now simply continues to renew its Achilles accreditations every year. Additionally, with all the processes firmly in place from the pre-qualification questionnaire, if an additional buyer audit is requested, the team now has the framework for a succesful tender all ready to go.

The Benefits

Becoming an Achilles member has helped BIC Group to achieve great success in what would have otherwise been a very difficult geographic market to penetrate. Tendering for work has also become less arduous, meaning the team can spend more time working on contracts rather than prospecting. Further benefits they have experienced include:

Unparalleled access to Norwegian and Danish oil and gas sector customers

Through the Achilles JQS community, BIC Group now has access to over 2,800 Norwegian and Danish gas and oil customers. According to Pernille Müller Andersen, the Marketing and Communications Manager for BIC Group: “Without the JQS qualification it would have been impossible to gain this kind of access to the oil and gas sector. “

Becoming the number one preferred supplier of electrical service to Maersk Oil in Denmark

BIC Group’s ongoing contract with Maersk was won in 2012. “Had we not been registered with Achilles JQS we would not have been invited to tender for this contract at all“, says Pernille.

Making headway in renewable energy markets

Since BIC Group began to focus on the wind power industry a few years ago, they’ve achieved great success when tendering for wind and combined powered projects. This success is partly down to their Sellihca registration and its growing base of buyers working on renewable energy projects. “Since we turned our focus towards the wind power industry, Sellihca has provide invaluable”, says Pernille. The company has also recently been invited to tender to provide engineering and electrical services on offshore wind turbines for DONG Energy. This would not have happened without the Sellihca accreditation.

Increased sales and marketing impact

BIC Group knows that the Achilles JQS, StartBANK and Sellihca accreditations are well recognised within their Norwegian and Danish customer base, and wherever possible use the logos in their marketing materials and online.
The team at BIC Group believes Achilles to be absolutely paramount to their continued presence and success in the Danish and Norwegian markets. Pernille summarises: “Many of the potential customers, leads and orders we have now would just not have been possible without Achilles.”

If you want to learn more about Achilles communities; please visit www.achilles.com.


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