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Summer Party 2022

After a long – three-years break – we finally managed to go back to our tradition again! We invited all our employees for a Summer Party, which was organized this year in Seaside Park Hotel in Kołobrzeg. We spent some good time together on integration activities and on the dancefloor 🙂

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Ultra Gryfus 2022 – 254km with a smile on the face

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MS Challenge – a shot at cycling 754 km within 30h

August 27th 2022 will definitely become one of the most outstanding life memories, both for Jens-Christian and for Adam – Eryk’s small-but-gritty cycling team.

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2022 DGI HÆRVEJSLØBET race – from Flensburg to Viborg

On June 25th 2022, all three members of Eryk’s cycling team, Jens-Christian Møller, Villy Pedersen and Adam Piotrowski, ventured out for a great cycling adventure across Denmark.😁🚲


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