2022 DGI HÆRVEJSLØBET race – from Flensburg to Viborg

“After a few good months of preparations, at 7 AM, we headed out on a beautiful morning in Flensburg, Germany onto a 275 km route north, all the way to Viborg, Denmark. We expected beautiful weather and landscapes – and they we definitely present – maybe even too much 🌞 – the terrain was more hilly than we would have liked, and the high temperatures were sucking out water, electrolytes and energy from our bodies faster than we thought. Fortunately, the wind was blowing the right way, and the small gruppettos helped us cover the distance efficiently. Just like he announced early in the ride, Villy decided to call it a day after 215km, while Jens-Christian and Adam continued through the more demanding final sections. The rain only came in the last 30 minutes of our ride and tried to cool us down, but we could already smell the finish line and we powered through the climbs and muscle cramps.

At the finish line, feelings of achievement, satisfaction and relief were competing with why-the-heck-do-I-do-it-to-myself type of questions. We all think, however, that the prize is worth the price that needs to be paid 👌🏼” – said Adam Piotrowski.

On June 25th 2022, all three members of Eryk’s cycling team, Jens-Christian Møller, Villy Pedersen and Adam Piotrowski, ventured out for a great cycling adventure across Denmark.😁🚲


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