Ultra Gryfus 2022 – 254km with a smile on the face

After a debatable success/failure of our cycling team in the MS Challenge race from Skagen to Roskilde in Denmark at the end of August, the one-person representation of the Eryk team – Adam Piotrowski – put up a good fight on the first weekend of September at the Ultra Gryfus race around the Bay of Szczecin. The big loop of 254km across Germany and the islands of Usedom and Wolin offered a great opportunity to ride with the tailwind, with the headwind, with the sidewind, with no wind, alone and in gruppettos.

The fact that we had done this very loop quite a few times in the spring and summer months definitely helped to tackle the different sections. The presence of cycling “trains” – small 6-8 riders groups riding together also helped immensely. In the end, Adam managed to complete the loop in 8h27 minutes, his record time and he still had the energy to smile at the end.

Maybe it was because he took the 12th place among the filed of 104 riders?

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