Installation and maintenance services all over Europe


Augury Systems Ltd

Project locations

  • Italy Italy
  • France France
  • Finland Finland
  • Poland Poland
  • Germany Germany
  • Great Britain Great Britain
  • Austria Austria
  • Spain Spain
  • The Netherlands The Netherlands

It has been a couple of months since our electricians and mechanics began working on fascinating installation and maintenance services projects related to machine health monitoring.

Scope of work:

  • Conducting site surveys prior to installation of Augury’s Machine Health
  • Carrying out ongoing maintenance of the customer’s solution.

To lead such projects, each technician must complete Augury’s special training. This also included our Key Account Engineer, who was invited to Israel to training on Augury’s platform.


“Eliminating unnecessary downtimes, keeping the production up and running it without surprise interruptions is what all production sites are dreaming about. It is great that our technical teams are a part of this project” – says Ben Graves, Key Account Engineer”

About the company:

Our customer Augury is based in Israel and New York. They offer their global manufacturing and industrial customers sensors that monitor machine health in order to provide AI insights on a platform that tell people when to make repairs before breakdowns happen- ultimately preventing loss of time and money.  But such a solution not only helps mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime, it can also increase reliability, quality, throughput, and reduce maintenance costs.

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