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In 2023, Eryk secured multiple project contracts as a subcontractor for Lux Automation in Salzgitter Flachstahl – a steel production facility in Germany where our team of skilled technicians performed electrical installation services within the heavy industry sector. The team size peaked at 30 technicians. Eryk focused on electrical installations relating to the upgrade of old systems for steel production to state-of-the-art installation.  There was a multitude of electrical cabinets to be remade, racks for wiring of components to be installed and old panels to be removed. We have successfully executed installations in different industries and are happy to add this project involving electrical installations in heavy industry to the list.

Scope of work:

  • I/O checks and tests
  • Cable installation works
  • Installation of switch cabinets
  • Electricity connections of switch cabinets
  • Disassembly and reassembly of sensors and actuators,
  • Disassembly and reassembly of existing cable routes,
  • Installation of new cable routes
  • Pulling and connection of power, control and network cables.


📍”The successful execution of projects by the Eryk team has solidified our trust in their services. The technicians exceeded our expectations in executing their tasks, especially by demonstrating expertise in meticulously handling complex installations. Also, the clear communication on the project helped to make the entire process smooth and successful. In heavy industry such a professional approach is a must.”📍

Rainer Mathis
Head of Installation Engineering
LUX Automation GmbH.

About the company:

LUX Automation GmbH specializes in automation and optimization of manufacturing processes and is a company with experience in plant technology. With a long history of over 120 years, they have continued to provide smart solutions in automation for every industry.

More: http://lux-automation.com

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