For Eryk’s great team nothing is impossible!

Electrical installations in the automotive industry at the turn of the year.

On Wednesday afternoon, just before Christmas, a new customer contacted our sales department. Adam, who took the contact, was asked for support during the Christmas shutdown in a factory of one of the world-renowned automotive brands from Germany.

On Friday morning, we already had a group of 8 Eryk electricians at the factory near Frankfurt a.M. It was probably the quickest cooperation start and the fastest mobilization in our history. Pulling it off was quite a challenge, given that most people were simply getting ready for Christmas, but we did manage to find a team ready to step up and support the customer in need. 2 hours is how long it took😊

We would like to thank ALL of the technicians involved in the project for their hard work and dedication: Artur, Marcin, Volodymyr, Alex, Listowel, Michael, Wojciech, and Mariusz, who led the project, and of course people helping in the project organization. Guys! You are the best!

What was the scope?

  • Rebuilding an old production line consisting of gluing and welding robots.
  • Disconnection of the robots, pulling cables and replacing power, signal and communication cables with new ones.
  • Adding new peripheral devices.
  • Arming new conveyors and welding tables.

Our customer was very satisfied with the work of all our technicians. For us, it is also a good sign, as it shows that our apprentices that took in this project integrated very well and did a good job.

It is not Eryk’s first time to do a project during the wintertime shutdown. Read our story from South Carolina in the USA – link

Some people say that the first day of the New Year is a forecast for the whole year. For Eryk, this could mean projects in the automotive industry, which sounds great to us. Let’s make it happen. 😊

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