Apprentice program at Eryk – coaches’ perspective

Commitment, creativity and a positive attitude – these traits are what we are looking for in our apprentice electrotechnicians.

Eryk has launched an apprentice program for graduates of technical schools in our West Pomeranian region. We have interviewed some of the coaches: Dariusz Malko, Marcin Schonborn, Mateusz Maciąg and Mateusz Bakun, who will be sharing their valuable knowledge with the apprentices.

,,My apprentices are really great examples to follow and I would like to praise them for their entire collaboration so far..” – begins Dariusz Malko.

What is there to gain? Knowledge. Becoming a true professional is never easy, but the apprenticeship is a well thought out process that provides a safe environment for development – says Marcin Schonborn. You can become a specialist in the area of ​​our company’s activities – mainly automation and industrial mechanics, installation, assembly and construction of factory infrastructure, production lines, etc.

The program offers hands-on training at international projects executed for leading companies in the industrial sector. The broad scope of work is guaranteed to expand anybody’s horizons massively – says Mateusz Maciąg. Apart from that, it gives a chance to gain experience and professionalism. You will also be able to make new friends and visit interesting countries – encourages Mateusz Bakun.

The program is scheduled for about 18 months. It can be adjusted, however, depending on the potential and willingness of the trainee and the quality of cooperation. Our coaches have many years of experience in complex projects, often in difficult assignments and under time pressure. They know very well which areas of work need special focus and how to show the right path of development for a beginner.

What will you, gentlemen, pay attention to?

The answers included mostly:

• commitment to education,
• attitude to work and communication skills,
• safety and quality,
• developing good habits (eg preparing the workplace as well as leaving it in good condition),
• proper use and care of tools,
• technician’s ability and progress.

We primarily want to shape the work ethic.The professional skills will get developed during our long-term engagement.

A dream apprentice?

Intelligent, hardworking, physically fit. And, of course, positive and committed 😊 – that is the ideal shared by the coaches.

During the carefully designed training program, apprentice will be able to gain knowledge of installation for industrial automation, combined with selection of the appropriate type of tools, reading technical drawings and project safety. Eryk will provide the necessary technical and language trainings. At the end of the apprenticeship, the graduate will have excellent qualifications and experience.

Eryk has already trained several apprentices. First implementation of such training program took place in 2019 and it was focused on West African technicians. Click here to read more.
Interview with the first apprentice who completed the training program click here

We would like to thank our coaches: Dariusz Malko, Marcin Schonborn, Mateusz Bakun and Mateusz Maciąg for their input 🙂

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