“Probably Denmark’s the longest commercial, perhaps also among the very best”

Eryk’s new corporate movie running in a Danish cinema!

📌Possibly, Denmark’s longest cinema commercial
– perhaps also among the very best..
. 🐶📌
This is what we have recently read on the website and LinkedIn wall of the Danish bookascreen
Below is the full story about breaking boundries -> it is in Danish, but we have English translation too. We think you will also have fun reading it 😊 😉

👉 link to the translation into English
👉 link to the original article in Danish on bookascreen’s website

The premiere of the movie took place a couple of days ago at Klovborg Kino, and the commercial will run till 20th of April.  
bookascreen – thank you so much for your courage to play such a clip and for the very nice post!

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