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Brandy and rum tasting

Fantastic cross-border experience and story! Thank you Jakob Elbech Wagner from Mim Cashew and Agricultural Products, Ltd. for visiting us! 🙂

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Family Christmas party ’19

This year we organized a Christmas party for the children of our employees and for their families in agrotourism Hanczowka in Weltyn. Near that place, there is a tree plantation, where all of us cut down our own Christmas tree!

Santa met the youngest and was very generous to all of them!

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Summer Party 2019

In keeping with our tradition, we invited all our employees for a summer party which we organized this year in Pałac Mierzęcin. As usual, we touched base with our long-missed colleagues and spent some good time together on the dancefloor.

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NCDC Business Race 2019

Come June, you will find our relay teams at the starting line – this year – two teams. Always good to hang out in good company and do something for your health.

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