West African Market – an interview with Adam Piotrowski

One of the perks of working in a global company, for whom the entire world is the market, is the pleasure of travelling. This applies both to BIC’s many technicians, out on one of the many projects, and to our sales and marketing team, out seeking new business opportunities for BIC. In June this year, our Regional Sales Manager Adam Piotrowski and Ulrik Jacobsen from Tech-Solutions went on a joint trip to Ghana and Nigeria. Upon returning from the trip, Adam sat down for a little chat on his first impressions of the West African region, and for a more in-depth discussion on the opportunities on the Nigerian and Ghanaian market not only for BIC Electric but also for potential partners and foreign investors.

BIC Electric puts feet on the ground in West Africa

The purpose of this trip was to get a good feeling of the environment in both Nigeria and Ghana. Both countries are up-and-coming markets full of potential. Our strength on these very diverse markets is, according to Adam, BIC’s ability to provide our competences in working according to European standards combined with competitive prices, and he goes further;

“There are great possibilities to do business in the West African region for global companies like BIC Electric and Tech-Solutions. Even separately, each company has a great business offer, but together, as collaborating partners, we can provide a better package. Also, when working with two companies, the end customer is granted transparency, in terms of pricing and our overall service. Using a total supplier, who in any case will use subcontractors anyway, the same transparency is not achievable.”

Business-wise, the West African market is exciting and hence full of potential for those who are ready and willing to take the challenge. The oil & gas sector is currently the biggest market in the country, and as Adam states, this sector, both in Ghana and Nigeria offers the highest potential for BIC. Developments within industry and automation, especially in the food industry, are also slowly taking place and have future potential. He believes that the market in Nigeria and Ghana is nearly ready for foreign investment boom.  However, to succeed here, the market needs a bit of nurturing from the newcomers. Adam’s best advice for potential European partners who are currently looking at the Nigerian and Ghanaian market is, therefore;

“Local presence is crucial. Whenever possible, the work force should be local. When you are there all the time, your customers and suppliers get accustomed to you and over time you get their loyalty. We have just opened an office in Accra, Ghana and we are looking into other possibilities of local presence in Nigeria.”

BIC Electric’s entry to the Nigerian and Ghanaian market is a next chapter of our long-term investment. The company has a history of being adventurous and over time BIC has accumulated a lot of know-how and experience in working globally. Persistence and the ability to make the right changes at the right time are also vital in this endeavour. All these competencies are being put in good use when entering the West African market.

As Adam says in the wrap-up of the interview, “I know that we are only taking baby steps in the West African market, but even the longest journeys start with small steps. This will be a long and satisfying journey, I am sure, and we are already a few steps ahead of others.”

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