Recruitment a vital part of the “HR – engine”

Eryk is a people company – we do not produce, we do not trade goods, we provide a service, and for that, people are crucial. The right people at the right time at the right place. Whether it is at our project sites or in the office, having the right candidates available gives us more flexibility to keep the business running. Patrycja Kulon, our Recruitment and Employer Branding Specialist, therefore, has a strong focus to build talent pools – through finding innovative ways to identify candidates and through candidate experience. And sometimes this must happen in a blitz – not long ago, just in a single week she had to find and recruit 20 new people for a new project.

Patrycja says: That week was really tough, we left no stone unturned to get the people our company needed, and we succeeded. A temp agency helped us, but most of the candidates were hired directly by Eryk.

Have you noted any changes to the onboarding process?

Yes, this year onboarding is challenging, regardless of the type of employee we are hiring, and the obvious reason is COVID-19. To take good care of our employees, most of the trainings during onboarding meeting are now conducted online. We are extra careful that our employees get the most relevant and valuable information before their work starts, Patrycja says.

Normally, the company takes part in job fairs to attract the best candidates, but recently you have attended a virtual job fair. How was it?

Great! There was a lot of interest, and a few candidates applied for the various positions that are currently open at Eryk right after our presentation. Moreover, I think that thanks to this fair, we are more recognizable as a company and the story behind our rebranding grabs people’s attention as well, Patrycja adds.

In 2020 many things have changed in the way we work, and how we collaborate as a team, but it didn’t take us long to get used to the remote and digital work. The challenge is effective knowledge sharing as the HR operations interface nearly every other department at Eryk. When half of us are working in the office, and the other half are working from home, and when we interact with other departments so much, it’s vital that we truly listen to each other, Patrycja adds.

2020 is nearly over. Looking into 2021, how do you see the future for Eryk?

We look into the future with optimism: in 2020 we have learned how to be even more efficient as a company, we continue to hire the right candidates, and we get the teams where they are needed, Patrycja concludes.

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