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Sapcorda and Eryk – synergy for the future. Network of reference stations.

The quick start-up of the cooperation between our two companies was just as unexpected as beautiful and beneficial.

Sapcorda Services GmbH of Hannover, Germany is a front runner company delivering GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) services. They correct and augment the positioning data. These allow for much higher levels of accuracy of positioning, which opens doors for safer and more reliable movement of autonomous cars, buses, drones and other positioning-critical devices.

Volker Mell, Sapcorda’s Infrastructure Asset Manager says:
Being a pioneer of the new type of GNSS services we need to be ahead of the market and to deliver reliable solutions. We are happy to conclude that the cooperation with Eryk is one like that – it simply works.

In order to guarantee the promised service accuracy, Sapcorda needs an extensive and homogeneous network of reference stations gathering signal over a wide territory, either from their own or leased stations. One of the first European countries where Sapcorda wanted to build their own network was Italy, where a network of reference stations had to be installed.

Having found Eryk and after seeing their competences, Sapcorda placed the installation task in their hands, hoping for an efficient execution. Eryk’s installation team spent an intense month travelling across Italy (which naturally had its perks) and installed one station after another in widely varying conditions. After this pilot project, Eryk and Sapcorda met again to exchange feedback.

Volker says this about the cooperation:
Not only did Eryk deliver the service we asked them for, but they also suggested ideas to make our product better. We highly appreciate the flexibility and adaptability of the team that helps us all navigate various obstacles we encounter during the installation tour.

Tomas Beran, Sapcorda’s GNSS Infrastructure Systems Engineer says:
It is no coincidence that Eryk’s team was so efficient – thanks to their rich technical background they adjust easily to new circumstances and bring valuable insight into the project. 

The cooperation is already scheduled to continue to cover other European countries with the network of stations, laying foundations for improved road and air traffic of the future.

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