Profiles. Meet Marcin

Marcin, who has been with us for 11 years, is now a key employee out in the field. We asked him a couple of questions.

Q: How has the company changed over the years?

All along my time at Eryk (or BIC) I see that we are continually growing and doing it fast. More importantly, we have gained respect of the market. We have become a big player in industry, already recognizable in the automotive, food, intralogistics and construction industries. An example of this status could be our cooperation with BLADT Industries on the largest offshore wind farm – Hornsea Project One.

I am very happy and satisfied, however, that despite our development, our policy towards employees has not worsened, which is a big advantage of our company. It also gives me a sense of satisfaction to see the increasingly serious calibre of projects that we handle.

Q: What are our strengths?

Marcin Schonborn, myself, and I 😉. But seriously, our biggest strength is our human resources – the big team of technical experts and administrative staff who help each other improve the business of our customers.

Q:  Do you have a type of project that you like the most?

I like to keep my projects in balance: I try to get involved into something new on a regular basis, but after that, I like to stay in this area for a few more projects of the same type to dig deeper – this way I get to learn and practice new skills – they stay with me for longer. For instance, I learned a lot at an 18-months long maintenance project in a distribution centre in Denmark focusing on SCADA work: we were assigned to troubleshoot and optimize software that was badly developed, and we could not always rely on the helpdesk, but developed our own solutions to problems.

I like to look at things with new eyes; we have recently been working in Ireland under a heavy influence of American standards for electrical installations – they do the wiring and piping work in a completely different way, and now, I can say, that I know it. I don’t know why they do it so, but I know how 😉

Q: What has been the most challenging project for you?

So far, it was definitely the outfitting of the TP’s for offshore wind farms. I needed to apply all my skills there. The challenges were coming from everywhere – hard working conditions, dangerous environment, the prototyping nature of our work, focus on elimination of any faults – all of this led to a successful completion, within deadline and budget of this highly demanding project. It still makes me proud when I remember the accolade my team received from the end customer there.

Q: Your advice to your employer?

Don’t lose the pace, keep going in the right direction.

Q: What do you value in Eryk the most?

The possibilities for personal and group development are immense. I have benefited from them personally and I plan to use these opportunities in the future.

Q: A new direction is Africa. What do you think of this? Do you work together with the Nigerian and Ghanaian technicians?

It is amazing that a small Polish-Danish company where I started working is now “discovering new lands” 😊. As far as I know, these parts of Africa are very good business markets. Also, the entire continent will benefit from our help and attention. I think, we are doing the right thing – both from a business and human standpoint. And I am very much looking forward to getting to know and working with our new colleagues.

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