The biggest printing house in Europe – electrical installations and maintenance services

Banners, books, photobooks, booklets, posters, brochures, stickers, rollups, T-shirts, cups… you name it, it’s there. The variety of products and the speed at which they leave the printing line are nothing short of amazing! With state-of-the-art equipment, professional staff, great planning, and efficiency, Scandinavian Print Group Sp. z o.o. is a production facility for Scandinavian Print Group A/S owned by Online Printers GmbH. The group supplies thousands of customers around Europe. The location of the production is Szczecin in the West Pomeranian region of Poland.

In the first half of 2021 alone, Scandinavian Print Group executed almost 150 thousand orders and printed on 2.5 billion of A4 sheets. From one roll printer alone they are printing around 500 million A4 book pages every year and the whole group, they have four of this kind of printers!

“Our production runs 24/7. It is very important that all processes are secured and well planned. Our specialists take care so everything is under control. We are very glad that we also get support from our technical partner Eryk, who provides electrical maintenance services of our equipment and electrical infrastructure at our facility” – says Svend Brandt, CEO / General Director at Scandinavian Print Group.

Electrical installations and electrical maintenance services are crucial in minimizing unpleasant surprises and keeping the wheels turning at all times at 100% efficiency. The faster the production, the more critical the upkeep. With all the machinery for printing, cutting, folding, sorting, sewing, conveying, etc. running at full speed, there is very little margin for error. During past months Eryk has guaranteed constant support of its technical resources to secure electrical maintenance services and installations.

“We understand how crucial regular maintenance is for the manufacturing processes. We are very happy to provide our experience in electrical installations and electrical maintenance services to this fascinating and ambitious company. Our technicians constantly work at SPG, anticipating potential problems and making sure that everything runs smoothly” – says Jens-Christian Møller, President of Eryk.

The story of Scandinavian Print Group Polska started in 2017. It was a year when the company was set up in Szczecin, taking advantage of its strategic geographical location. Since then, their production (both in digital and in offset print) has been growing rapidly. As a result, today Scandinavian Print Group production in Szczecin employs approx. 300 people and it is certainly one of Europe’s biggest printing houses. Each year SPG produces millions of printed articles, e.g. over 25 million books, of which over 50% are thread-sewn. Each day, fully packed lorries leave the production site to deliver products to European customers.

Lasertryk A/S – the mother company, started in 1999 as a digital printing house with a focus on the production of marketing materials for the entertainment industry. It quickly grew into an international group of companies with a much larger product range. Today, the group has over 500k business customers and the same for individual customers. The group’s secret is, above all, flexibility, high quality at a reasonable price. And a short delivery time to top it off. Certainly, it seems impossible to marry all of those, but not at SPG, who gives its customers even an option to order small run, in a quality matching offset print.

Thank you Svend Brand, Nikola Bujak, and Scandinavian Print Group TEAM! It was a great experience while visiting your site to gather material for this interview 🙂

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