Not every hero wears a cape

Mateusz Zabojszcz – one of Eryk’s technicians working at a project in the Netherlands – prevented a dangerous situation from escalating into a casualty. Thanks to Mateusz’s cool head, a technician (from a 3rd company) could return to his family safe and sound.

An employee of another company was working in a closed silo, with a power generator inside. He lost consciousness due to low level of oxygen and high temperature. His colleagues started to panic.

“I got a sudden inflow of power. I knew what to do. It was just natural” – says Mateusz.

Alerted, Mateusz took control of the situation and coordinated the team effort with great calmness and knowledge in first aid. After lifting the unconscious technician from the silo, Mateusz checked all his life activities, put him in the recovery position, shielded him from the heat and sun, and made sure he stays conscious till the ambulance arrives. We are so proud of Mateusz!

“Mateusz acted extremely professionally and responsibly, he knew exactly what to do and didn’t hesitate to provide help immediately!” – says Kamil Jędras, Team Leader on the project

So good to have someone like Mateusz on the team! Definitely a hero!

Also, big thanks to his colleagues, Mateusz Bakun, Janek Karpeta and Kamil Jędras, who helped Mateusz making sure that the ambulance gets to the right place as quickly as possible.

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